Culture of Rajasthan

Rajasthan has many beautiful Nuha artistic and cultural traditions which reflect the ancient Indian way of life.

Rajasthan is also called "Land of Kings"; so, being the land of kinds, you find different forms of Culture in its architecture, costumes, cuisine, local dialects, arts and crafts, or its fairs and festivals.

The architectural beauty of Rajasthan is world renowned, forts, palaces, havelis, tombs, cenotaph and sculptures present across the geography of state, reveal the blend of multiple dynasties that ruled the ancient lands.

Rajasthani costume also plays an important role in its culture. The Rajasthani traditional costumes are very colourful and quite different to the other traditional costumes of rest of the states. The weather conditions of the state bring to wear the myriad colours. The women folk wear more colourful clothes.

Dhoti is the main Rajasthan traditional dress to the men in Rajasthan. They are called bandia-angarkha and potia. Bandia-angarkha is the traditional dress in the model of a jacket which closely fits the chest and seems loose around the waist.

Women of Rajasthan wear mainly Ghaghara, Choli and Odhani dresses. These costumes are in bright colours, especially Ghaghara dresses are in many designs.

Rajasthan has a tradition of highly cultivated music & dance forms. The Kalbeliya dance of Jaisalmer and Ghoomar dance from Udaipur have gained recognition internationally. Folk music is an integral part of Rajasthani culture.

Rajasthan is also famous for textiles, semi-precious stone work and its traditional & colorful handicrafts.

Fairs and Festivals also an important part of Rajasthan culture, either it a religious festival or regional festival, the mighty Thar Desert celebrates all its events with great enthusiasm and vigour.

Diwali, Gangaur, Teej and Makar Sankranti are some of the most celebrated festivals in India’s Desert Capital. Kite Festival, Desert Festival, Pushkar Mela and Jaipur Literature Fest are some of the most appealing and colourful annual festivals in this part of country.