Climate of Varanasi

Climate of Varanasi is a humid subtropical climate. Due to this, large variations see in between summer and winter temperatures. The city experienced with summer, rain {Mansoon} & winter.

The dry summer starts in April and lasts until June. During this time dry warm air blow (Loo) in month of May and June and temperature reach 45*C – 47*C average in day time.

Monsoon season from July to October. The annual average rainfall in the basin varies between 39 cm to 200 cm, with an average of 110 cm.

Winter Season starts from November and lasts till March. The city becomes very cool during this period (Dec- Jan – Mid Feb). Day temperature vary in between 14* C – 18*C but the temperature even comes down to five degrees Celsius or below in Nights.

Cold wind coming from the Himalayan region makes the environment even colder. Fog is normal during winter season.