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Incentive Travel

Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) is a type of tourism in which large groups, usually planned well in advance, are brought together.

It’s an overarching term that encompasses a niche tourism group dedicated to the logistics of business events. It is a highly lucrative industry revolving around incentive travel though. There is a distinction between incentivized travel and business conferences.

Incentives versus Conference Travel

To understand how incentive travel is different from conferences and events, you have to look at the types of MICE travel together.

Meetings: One-time or repeat travel events centered around an activity or goal. Meetings often take place at hotels or convention centers

Incentives: Trips planned as a professional reward, often for performance or loyalty to the sponsoring company

Conferences: Events centered around professional learning or discussion. A conference’s primary goal is the exchange of information, usually relevant to a particular topic area. The event may or may not happen repeatedly.

Exhibitions: An event geared toward the display and promotion of products or services. Like conferences, there is usually a particular category of focus involved.

Our Services


Understanding the key reason and the right objective as to what is that the Corporate is aiming to achieve at the end of the event, is what forms the start point of our planning and creating the right Corporate Event.


  • Brand Launches / BTL
  • Channel Marketing Meets
  • Musical Evenings
  • Sports / Mall Activations
  • In-stadia or outdoor displays
  • Innovations and Engagements


Corporate Travel sector booms - As economies and nations open the gates for multinational and global business houses to invest and promote or start businesses, the need for Business Travel and MICE Tourism booms exponentially.


  • Flight Ticketing
  • Visa Assistance & Facilitation
  • Travel Insurance and Medical
  • Foreign Exchange / Travel Card assistance
  • Business Travel
  • Mobile and SIM cards
  • Private car rental choices
  • VIP and Executive Travel
  • Airport assistance
  • MICE Tourism


Corporate Conferences and Board-room Meetings are the must-haves for India Inc. Not just a closed-door meeting for brainstorming, ideation or for financial results, as manpower and planning processes assume greater importance, Corporate Conferences for Channel Networks, Skill Up-gradation, Strategy Meets, Human Resource Meets, Marketing and Sales Summit, Leadership Meets, Rewards and Recognition, Financial Planning; the list is exhaustive.


  • Channel Networks Meets
  • Strategy Summits
  • Marketing and Sales Summits
  • Financial Planning Meets
  • Motivational Summits
  • Choice of destination for your Conference
  • Selection of Hotel and Accommodations
  • Production and Fabrication
  • Collaterals Development
  • Venue Management
  • Entertainment, Shows, Awards, Galas
  • Booths, Registration, Technology
  • Stage, Light, Sound Infrastructure