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India Travel Guidelines

When you packing for your trip to India, then you have to care of certain things that “what to Dos and what not to Do" during visiting. Here you will get a list of Dos and Don'ts during traveling in India which is common for both men and women.


  • A proper VISA to enter and stay in India is a must for all foreign nationals.
  • Always carry one ID Proof during traveling.
  • Always go with pre reservations at hotel, train, bus, flights, guides, safari etc. with the help of your travel agent or directly with the hotels.
  • It is advisable to cover yourself with Travel Insurance for thefts, losses.
  • Come with a proper Medi claim policy.
  • Carry proper maps of the places proposed to visit in India, as signboards are often absent. If you are a solo travel always try to reach a station during day time. In any case avoid persistent touts and taxi – wallahs at airport/ station / bus stand to help you find your hotel.
  • Always use Tourist Assistance desk for proper advice.
  • While changing money, insist on getting encashment certificate.
  • Always drink safe mineral water and take well cooked food.
  • Buy at genuine shops only. Bargaining is a popular practice in India and necessary too.
  • Always chain and lock your luggage under your berth in a train.
  • Use licensed guides for sightseeing. / Guide provided by your booking travel agency only.


  • Don’t ever enter a temple, tomb, dargah or Gurudwara with shoes on and / or scantily dressed. Always cover his/ her head with a cloth while in a Gurudwara or Dargah.
  • Don’t wear black clothes while visiting a Jain Temple. Leather articles are forbidden to be care in Hindu and Jain Temples. Taking photograph of the deity in a temple is normally not permitted.
  • Don’t encourage beggars.
  • Don’t checkout of the hotel in hurry. Always check your things before leaving hotel room.
  • Don’t leave your cash and valuables in your hotel rooms. Keep your cash divided in different pockets or security lockers available at the hotel.
  • Don’t visit places which encourage orthodoxy, social injustice and inhuman practices (like visiting a sati temple)
  • Don’t eat anything offered by fellow travellers on train or road travels. It might have sleeping pills. Always travel reserved class in trains.
  • Don’t photograph women without permission.

Women Safety Measures

Women traveling to India from foreign countries should take a few steps of additional care whilst in the country. There are many steps you can take in order to avoid this and enjoy a safe and secure trip in India with little-to-no hassle:

  • Dress modestly, with ankle length clothing to avoid unwanted attention.
  • Avoid walking alone in cities or at night.
  • Try to sit with other women on public transport or in the women only compartments in trains.
  • Keep doors locked from the inside if you are staying in a hotel room by yourself.
  • Avoid physical contact (Including shaking hands) and don’t agree to pose for photos with local men.

Health Measures

However, staying healthy in India is relatively easy. Travellers should always ensure to follow a few important steps while on their trip:

  • Never drink the tap water in India.
  • Take care of ice in drinks.
  • Eat in places where there’s a high customer turnover.
  • Practice good personal sanitation throughout your trip.
  • Only eat freshly cooked food or fruits.
  • Avoid contact with wild animals.
  • Keep hydrated.
  • Avoid lying in the sun between 10.00 – 14.00