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Travel Insurance

International Travel Insurance

Travelling around the world is a thrilling experience. However, no matter how precisely we plan our trip, things tend to go haywire. It offers coverage against lost passport, lost checked-in baggage, trip delays & more. We offer plans specially designed for Asia, Schengen, USA & Canada,and other countries,and have customized plans for family trips, solo travellers, senior citizens, and students studying abroad.

Student Travel Insurance

Studying abroad is an exciting prospect. There will be new places to explore, opportunity to meet people from around the world, but there's always a little nervousness! What if something happens? Who will help me? Well,we will help you in case there's an emergency with our Student Travel Insurance. Please note, that only students pursuing academic courses abroad, with a minimum age of 16 years and a maximum age of 35 years will be issued a Student Travel Policy.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan

Our parents have been with us through Thick and thin. Now in their second innings, it time for you to be there for them. But professional commitments necessitate you being away from them. Considering this, what can be more endearing to your parents than having them at your place and spend quality time? Along with travel insurance, this is the best gift you can give your parents in their twilight years.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan

Are you a travel enthusiast? Does your job include multiple trips abroad? If your answer to any of these questions is yes,then you should consider switching to Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan. A huge advantage of this policy is that you are covered continuously and don't have to buy a new policy each time you travel - which is often a last-minute headache. With annual multi-trip travel insurance, you enjoy a flexible protection for all your trips abroad during a year. However, it minimizes the hassle of buying travel insurance for every trip separately. What’s more? Switching to annual multi-trip travel insurance is much more economical.